Lifelong Fulfillment


Everyone deserves the greatest of personal fulfillment in life and to live the life of their dreams.  With exploding information, constant changes everywhere, and the economic imperatives of life, fulfillment can be a hard objective to attain.

We operate as a Non-Profit enterprise!  A single electronic copy of Lifelong Fulfillment at $12.00, available in PDF (PC) and ePub (iPad, Kindle, etc) supports the website, client outreach, and support.  Any funds in excess of this is donated to charity.  However, Lifelong Fulfillment is also free to anyone without the necessary resources when they register their interest with the author by email at  If you care to join me in “paying it forward”, you may also make a contribution at purchase above the $12.00. 

Your purchase allows you to print one copy of the book for your individual use.

Since copyright prohibits any distribution of your copy, please refer interested parties, family, and friends to this website for their copy of Lifelong Fulfillment .

About the Book

Lifelong Fulfillment is a strategic approach to fulfillment, with a tactical execution program that uses time tested procedures and point solutions to provide lifestyle alternatives for every individual.  It teaches you how to understand who you are and what you want out of life; the necessary financial, educational, and incidental information you need; how to identify and utilize authoritative point solutions; and how to master a robust and dependable process to deliver the results that you want.  It is a custom, anytime, anywhere resource for life! 

Renaissance in Retirement, using the core concepts of Lifelong Fulfillment, has been presented in university lectures and workshops to outstanding reviews since 2018.

Are you frustrated, disheartened, lost, or struggling?  Give Lifelong Fulfillment a try.