About the Author

Jim Boswell, author of “Lifelong Fulfillment”, is a retired high technology executive with marketing, sales, and operations experience in electronics, semiconductors, embedded software, engineering services, and small and medium business consulting.  Jim was a lieutenant in US Navy submarines for 6 years.  He holds a BS from University of New Mexico, a MBA from University of Arizona, and Institute for International Business and Alexander Group consulting certifications.  He has led successful business ventures at AMD, LSI Logic, Hitachi, Sharp, Paradigm Technology, and elsewhere.  Jim has domestic and international experience with senior executives, rank and file employees, large companies and startups, and delivering results measured in billions of dollars.  He retains an unfailing interest in the future, and a compulsion to live with purpose.

During the course of his career and since, Jim trained extensively in point solutions and concepts intended to deliver better results.  Over time it became obvious that these could be applied effectively to one’s personal objectives as well.  He has consistently used this methodology for over 50 years with great success.  Welcome to his vision.

Jim was interviewed by Steve Ramona on “Doing Business with a Servant’s Heart” podcast/livestream. They discuss transforming professional achievements into personal triumph and fulfillment.