Reviews for “Lifelong Fulfillment”

This book would make a great gift for young adults as they begin to plan their lives, but more mature readers could also benefit from the resources and options presented
~Courtnee Turner Hoyle

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Do you find yourself in a stagnant state while hoping to achieve more in life? Do you struggle with creating a plan for aligning your actions with the life you desire? Are you eager to find practical solutions to the challenges that are blocking your path to success? James Boswell’s Lifelong Fulfillment shows you how you can achieve the life you want regardless of where you are now and what your story is. The book covers topics in different disciplines, including business, economics, and psychology. James teaches the value of thinking outside the box, brainstorming, experimenting, and learning from the results of your previous exploits. Furthermore, the book provides you with the right tools for knowing your strengths and weaknesses, learning how to improve yourself, and understanding your economy and environment better.
~Foluso Falaye

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I’m a practical person. I like lists and charts and action items, so many of the “self-help” books out there are too “woo” for me and leave me wondering, “but what do I DO??”
Boswell’s book appeals to me because while he is talking about something that looks different for every person (lifelong fulfillment), he offers a clear guide and resources on learning more about yourself, what you want to achieve, what’s valuable to you, what fulfillment might look like to you, and how to get there. He brings in a wealth of “point solutions” and reading suggestions from other authors and experts as well as worksheets and charts.
Boswell describes his book as “…a custom, anytime, anywhere resource for life!”, and I agree with this. The principles and activities and resources can be applicable to a young person just starting out, a middle-aged person contemplating a career change or an empty nest, or someone looking at retirement and wondering “what’s next”?
I highly recommend this book to anyone who is wondering what fulfillment looks like to them and really wants practical, informative steps to figure it all out.

-Michele R. (review on Amazon)

Lifelong Fulfillment: Empower Yourself for a Satisfying Life! by James Boswell offers practical guidance for personal satisfaction. The book provides a systematic approach to goal-setting and success strategies, earning a strong four-star rating in the self-help genre. Boswell’s insights and techniques are valuable for self-exploration and achieving goals.

-Robin G-V (review on Amazon)

Lifelong Fulfillment: Take Charge of Your Life! by James Boswell is a well-crafted guide designed to help readers navigate the complexities of life and achieve personal fulfillment. This book is a valuable resource that combines strategic thinking with actionable steps, making it a practical manual for anyone seeking to improve their quality of life. The book’s website,, serves as a valuable extension of the content, offering additional resources and support. This integration of online tools with the book’s material increases its utility, making it a dynamic resource for continuous growth and fulfillment.

While the book excels in providing a robust framework, some readers may find the breadth of information a bit overwhelming at times. The strategic and tactical aspects are detailed, which, although beneficial, might require a bit more time and effort to fully digest and implement. However, this thoroughness is also what makes the book a comprehensive guide.

Overall, Lifelong Fulfillment: Take Charge of Your Life! is a commendable effort by James Boswell to empower readers in their pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. It offers a balanced mix of introspection, strategy, and practical advice, making it a valuable addition to the self-help genre. Whether you are just starting on your journey to fulfillment or looking to refine your existing path, this book provides the tools and insights needed to take charge of your life and achieve your dreams.

-Heena Rathore Rathore-Pardeshi

Everyone, one way or another, craves success in whatever field they are in and sometimes, with countless trials, finds it difficult to get to the point they envision. With people trying different things, sometimes simultaneously expecting almost the same results and failing,  Lifelong Fulfillment: Take Charge of Your Life! by James H. Boswell serves as a guide to making investment plans. The author hammers on its importance as well as the importance of multiple sources of income while providing several examples, both graphical and pictorial. There are examples of business tactics, explanations, and breakdowns of economic terms to simplify and familiarise oneself with the stock market and other forms of investment.

The author provides tools for better understanding, such as Myers-Briggs, VIS, and DISC. James also provides tools to discover, build, and live one’s lifestyle plan, i.e., developing confident plans. I want to thank the author for including worksheets in the book, as they made the tools and insights in the book easy to implement. The book also gives insight into risk management, with examples like the ABC strategy and cost averaging.

This book explores psychology as it greatly affects one’s output and encourages testing and validating one’s vision, emphasizing the need for consultation. It also outlines the importance of research and how it empowers one to develop, plan, and live the life of one’s dreams. I love that the author provided links to access research information to elaborate on his points further, as well as tools for better understanding and real-life examples as inspiration. I also love that this book serves as a guide for making plans and decisions.

Lifelong Fulfillment: Take Charge of Your Life!  by James H. Boswell  is a book that will benefit you irrespective of your nationality or gender. It offers insights for those who are looking to achieve results for a lifestyle of choice and are developing a new vision. I’d recommend it to juniors and seniors in colleges, people fumbling with different lifestyles but would like to settle with one, and just about anyone who desires development, growth, and something new and different. There are no limits to when one can succeed. I encountered zero errors while reading this book and will rate it a five out of five stars.  This is a helpful book, and there is nothing I dislike about it.

-Ivan Kovic

In today’s hypersonic-paced world, not a few people have lost purpose about their very existence. Although, globalization, capitalism, inflation, and climate change etc. may have all played their roles in robbing us of the peace needed to experience the sort of ideal life we all hope for. In spite of all that, James H. Boswell has proved that living a very fulfilling life is absolutely within everyone’s grasp. It has nothing to do with being rich or poor, but rather attitude.

Lifelong Fulfillment is unlike some other books that dwell on theories. It is rather a step-by-step practical approach to everyday challenges and ways we can realistically overcome them. The analytical way he addressed important issues using graphs, tables and charts to break down details is quite refreshing. While his focus is largely on the United States, there were equally lots of references from across the globe.

The book is broken down into parts 1 to 6, and there is also a worksheet for readers to use in keeping updates with the gradual changes they’re making.

This is indeed a hugely inspiring book that could easily motivate any reader into making conscious positive changes. You can truly become your best possible version by reading and implementing all that was recommended in this book.

-Mary Jane Anderson

Official Review, (4 out of 5 stars)

There are a ton of self-help books on the market, but do any of them really teach you how to build the life you truly want? While these books generally offer “point solutions,” or solutions for specific problems, “Lifelong Fulfillment: Take Charge of Your Life!” presents a more holistic approach, for people of all ages who want to live with purpose. Author James H. Boswell distills decades of information gathering into this relatively slim volume, which teaches you not just how to plan your life, but how to pivot when circumstances change. Using time-tested tools like Myers-Briggs personality testing and the Pareto principle, along with custom-created worksheets and exercises, “Lifelong Fulfillment” just might be the help you need to get out of the doldrums and start living your best life.

However, if you want to gain all you can from this volume, you must be ready to sit down and roll your sleeves up. The thoughtful exercises that Boswell has come up with won’t do you any good unless you’re ready to take the time to complete them, substantially and honestly. With this book, you will get out what you put in.

While the language of the book is simple and not flowery, Boswell is a pleasant companion through this book’s six concise sections. A long-time business manager in the tech industry, Boswell’s brief biography reveals a man who seems to have led a successful life, if not necessarily a flamboyant one, giving him some credibility on his topic of choice. Critically, he is less interested in teaching you what to think than in teaching you how to think for yourself.

For some readers, this might be irritating (“Hey! I already know how to think for myself, thank you very much!”), but for those who are intimidated by the process of doing research on important topics, this approach may be helpful. Boswell consistently stresses the importance of identifying and relying on high-quality information, and the book is filled with references to trustworthy books and articles. The reading list at the end of the book may also prove useful for those who want to read more useful content but don’t know where to start.

For the analytically inclined, the book uses a lot of charts and graphs, particularly in the middle sections. In addition, Boswell relies on a lot of the respected pre-existing tests and concepts, like Myers-Briggs testing and the Johari Window. For some, all of this will be brand-new information, thoughtfully curated in one place.

This book promises to help you improve your entire life, which is a tall order; it’s unlikely that any book could do that for all readers, all the time. James H. Boswell’s “Lifelong Fulfillment” might not be that shining light in the dark for all readers, but it still does an awful lot right. Most importantly, this book hits the sweet spot of having just enough content to help, but not overwhelm, people who know they want to live more deliberately and fruitfully but don’t know where to start. Some sections, like the financial planning information, may take some effort to
digest, but everything is sharp and to the point.

The potential audience for this book ranges from soon-to-be college students who are just getting started making plans, to retirees who may be looking to refocus their efforts. Basically, any adult who wants to see improvements to their life, which is pretty much all of us, can gain something here.

Achieving true fulfillment is a genuinely difficult goal for millions of people who feel like they’re just surviving from day to day. For those with the imagination to dream, but the pragmatism to plan, Boswell’s slender volume might be exactly what you need to take the next step to a more enviable life.

– Karen Gellender for Reader Views