Point Solutions for Mature Adults

Mature Adults are those individuals between 30 and 60 years of age focused on applied knowledge, increasing responsibility, wealth, health, and proficiency in life’s pursuits, including family, career, and self actualization.

Of the many point solutions in business, economics, psychology, and self help available to the public, the following are a selection of recommended resources to help mature adults establish the all important enlightened and actionable perspectives, skills, and plans.  With these point solutions in hand, Lifelong Fulfillment empowers individuals to understand who they are, what they want out of life, the necessary financial, educational, and environmental information they need, and to master the robust and dependable process that delivers results.  A more complete offering is available in the book Lifelong Fulfillment and on line at Vision In Action, Live!

Business and Economics

 Contrarian Views


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  • US Cities with the Lowest Cost of Living in 2021, Joe Roberts, 2021, www.move.org


 Personal Development


 Science and Math