Vision in Action Live guest Cynthia Johnson- Owner of the Lumina Gallery discussed Renaissance in Retirement Economics with host Jim Boswell

Renaissance in Retirement Economics

The Vision in Action, Live topic for today is “Renaissance in Retirement Economics”.

Our Guest is Cynthia Johnson, Entrepreneur, Artist and Owner of Lumina Gallery. Jim interviews Cynthia on her path towards Life Long Fulfillment What’s Your Vision? So, do you have a vision for your life that satisfies your concept of a life well lived? How are you progressing with it? Can you articulate your goals and progress towards fulfillment? Would you like to be able to? Or are you just frustrated, confused, and unfocused? The principles of Lifelong Fulfillment allow you to take control of your life, whether you currently have a plan or not. And it works equally well for anyone just starting out in life on through retirement.

What’s In It For You? Whether you label it happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, or actualization, you can act genuine to your nature and calling, you can author and direct your personal achievements, and you can build strengths, tenacity, and focus. You will be in control of realizing your fondest dreams.

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